Make Each Day Count: Prevent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues

Make Each Day Count: Prevent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues

As a parent, you spend a good part of your day  working, paying bills, making appointments, and coordinating extracurriculars. When that’s all done, there’s hardly enough time and energy to have a family meal together. But a family dinner is one of the few times that you and your kids get to talk about the day and discuss plans for the future. It’s also in these quieter moments that you get an opportunity to talk about serious things like preventing substance abuse and managing mental health challenges.

May 14-20 is National Prevention Week, a time to equip your family with the information you need to prevent, recognize, and find help for substance abuse and mental health issues. These resources compiled by USAGov can help you and the people you love get educated, and find help.

National Prevention Week Events

National Prevention Week is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA). The week kicks off with a live webcast on May 15 at 11 AM eastern time. SAMHSA’s daily prevention challenge encourages you to talk with your loved ones about preventing youth tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse and suicide.

As part of the weeklong event, you can share your messages online encouraging healthy living. Post a video, photo, or sign you created and include the hashtags #PreventionPower and #NPW2017.  Sharing these stories of positive living inspires others.

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